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     D1.1 Selection of Sensors to be used at SMARTRAIL Test Sites (D1.1 Selection of Sensors to be used at SMARTRAIL test sites.pdf - 4869.40 KB )
     D1.2 Report on initial output from sensor network (D1.2 Report on initial output from sensor network.pdf - 5157.01 KB )
     D1.3 Monitoring Report - Pending EC Approval (D1.3 Monitoring Report_final.pdf - 7661.35 KB )
     D2.1 Specifications of nondestructive test methods (D2.1 Specifications of nondestrutive test methods.pdf - 6090.05 KB )
     D2.2 Statistical Analysis Technique - Pending EC Approval (D2.2 Statistical Analysis Technique.pdf - 4516.47 KB )
     D3,1 European Existing Railway Tracks A Survey Report - Pending EC Approval (D3.1 European Existing Railway Tracks_A Survey Report.pdf - 2035.74 KB )
     D3.2 Rehabilitation of Open Tracks and Transition Zones - Pending EC Approval (D3.2 Rehabilitation of Open Tracks and Transition Zones.pdf - 4012.27 KB )
     D3.3 Rehabilitation of bridges and tunnels - Pending EC Approval (D3.3 Rehabilitation of bridges and tunnels.pdf - 4993.26 KB )
     D3.4 Report on Demonstration Projects - Pending EC Approval (D3.4 Report on Demonstration Projects.pdf - 5687.37 KB )
     D4.1 Report of the LCA model (D4.1 Report of the LCA model.pdf - 1670.89 KB )
     D4.2 Report Results of WLC Model - Pending EC Approval (D4.2 Results of WLC Model.pdf - 770.50 KB )
     D4.3 Report on LCA and WLC Models for ageing rail networks - Pending EC Approval (D4.3 Report on LCA and WLC models for ageing rail networks.pdf - 2174.16 KB )
     D5.1 Report on Kick-off Meeting (D5.1 Report on Kick-off meeting.pdf - 2131.64 KB )
     D5.2 Dissemination Programme (D5.2 Dissemination Programme.pdf - 1059.05 KB )
     D5.3 Smartrail Workshop (D5.3 SMART RAIL Workshop.pdf - 243.57 KB )
     D5.4 User platform (D5.4 User platform1.pdf - 890.37 KB )
     D5.5 Smartrail Dissemination Activities (D5.5 SMARTRAIL Dissemination Activities.pdf - 1861.76 KB )
     D5.6 User Platform 2nd Report (D5.6 User Platform 2nd Report.pdf - 833.69 KB )
     D5.7 Dissemination Activities 2nd Report - Pending EC Approval (D5.7 Dissemination Activities 2nd Report.pdf - 5168.89 KB )
     D5.8 Smartrail Final Conference Report (D 5.8 Smartrail Final Conference Report.pdf - 932.13 KB )
     D7.1 First Annual Scientific Flyer (D7.1 1st annual Scientific Flyer.pdf - 1937.16 KB )
     D7.2 Meetings of the Executive Board (D7.2 Meetings of EB Board_Final.pdf - 3870.68 KB )
     D7.3 Second Annual Scientific Flyer (D7.3 2nd Annual Scientific Flyer.pdf - 6543.21 KB )
     D7.4 Meetings of the Advisory Board (D 7.4 Meetings of the Advisory Board.pdf - 242.66 KB )

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