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     LCA SmartRail - Open Track (LCA Smart Rail_open track.xlsm - 3340.57 KB )
     LCA SmartRail - Railway Bridge (LCA Tool SmartRail_ bridge_ver1.xlsm - 3681.12 KB )
     LCA SmartRail - Transition Zone (LCA Tool SmartRail Transition zone ver1.xlsm - 3512.27 KB )
     LCC SmartRail - Open Track (SMART RAIL LCC Tool v0.6 OT.xls - 2693.00 KB )
     LCC SmartRail - Railway Bridge (SMART RAIL LCC Tool v0.6 Bridge.xls - 6527.50 KB )
     LCC SmartRail - Transition Zone (SMART RAIL LCC Tool v0.6 TZone.xls - 3205.50 KB )

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