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Work Packages

In order to achieve its stated objectives the SMARTRAIL project is clearly structured in four content-orientated work packages (WP1-4), two work packages for project management, (one for administrative and one for scientific management, termed WP6 and WP7, respectively) and one for dissemination and exploitation (WP5). WP’s 1-4 address the core issues of measuring the current state of infrastructure (WP1), quantifying its safety (WP2), implementing remediation strategies where required (WP3) and assessing the economic and environmental costs (WP4). Central to the implementation of the project will be the SMARTRail Advisory Board which will have representatives from national rail operators in Slovenia, Hungary, Poland and Ireland.

WP 1 - Monitoring and Inspection
WP 2 - Assessment and Models
WP 3 - New rehabilitation technologies to extend service life of existing railway infrastructure
WP 4 - Whole Life-Cycle Cost Calculation Tools
WP 5 - Dissemination and support of exploitation
WP 6  - Administrative Management
WP 7 - Scientific Management


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