Executive Board

The technical management of the SMARTRAIL consortium is led by the coordinator and the executive and advisory boards.  The Executive Board is comprised of the SMARTRAIL Coordinator, the Work Package leaders and representatives from FEHRL and EURNEX to ensure liaison for third-party scientific contributions.

The key task of the Executive Board is to  co-ordinate the scientific activities of the consortium.  It includes responsibility for technical reporting.  Meetings will be held at 3 monthly intervals by  teleconference with at least annual face to face meeting.

The Executive Board has the following responsibilities:

  • Liaise with the partners to ensure the development and adoption of a Consortium Agreement
  • Ensuring the technical and scientific quality of the work
  • The definition of procedures for project publications, approval of publications, press related and other concerted actions
  • Ensure the compliance of the project with practical industrial and technical constraints
  • Validation of intermediate and final reports, approval of the technical parts of the website.

Executive Board Membership

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